Sunday, May 18, 2008

“Necromanscer” by Government Overdose Department (Classical Artist from United Kingdom)

"Necromanscer" by the Government Overdose Department is a creative and unusual mix of classical piano and deep, experimental vocals. The CD is a delightful yet unusual presentation of many well known classics from several countries. The piano work on the CD is clearly the work of an accomplished musician. The vocal style adds the uniqueness and creativity to the CD, since the vocals appear to be intended to create a more experimental/alternative flavor to the classic piano sound. This results in a unique combination that proves an innovative combination. The lyrics on the tracks are very humorous in places. "Ol Man River" is an old American classic most children learn or at least have heard in elementary school. "Caro Mio Ben" a presentation in the original language. The orchestral opening in "Droop Not Young Lover" is very typical for the period piece making one see the time of King Henry the V111. The simple piano in the opening of "Pupil Le Nere" again gives the 16th or 17th century feel. If you enjoy unusual and creative combinations of music, especially those with a classical aspect to them, you'll enjoy this CD.
-L. Plumier and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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