Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Visual Diary/The Mouth of Boredom" by Sergio Cervetti (Classical Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

You're in for a spectacular ride as Sergio Cervetti releases his latest album, "Visual Diary/The Mouth of Boredom," interlaced with Alternative, Electronic, Contemporary and New Age Classical creations. Cervetti, who is a highly accomplished composer and teacher, enlightens the musical ear with diversified sounds that are vibrant and energetic as they are invigorating. The dynamic power on "Desert Drive" glistens with interesting and mysterious ambiance. "Early Dawn" and "Sands from the East" are stunning as the crisp clarity of each instrument melds around the interesting and worldly tonality. In the style of classical music but with a New Age attitude, "Perpetuum Mobile" is nothing short of the brilliant piano deftly soaring with a fiery and frenzied pace. Highly percussive and packing powerful punches, "Flying Skeletons" weave cryptic imagery that embellishes this interesting composition. The visions and artistic musical conceptions of "Visual Diary/The Mouth of Boredom," are fabulous compositions of inspiring music that is expertly written and finely crafted.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Featured Single

Band Name: Stephen W. Duncan
Featured Single: Rose Moon
Album: The Full Moons
Genre: New Age