Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Acantilado" by Xavier Losada (Classical Artist from Venezuela)

"Acantilado" by Xavier Losada is a creative CD of experimental Chamber and Avant Garde music. It features 8 themes, 4 mastered and 4 remastered. It is a highly cinematic album, but in a minimalist way. The arrangements are certainly "out there" and will challenge your ears. Lots of tonal piano lines and progressions mixed with eerie sounds and some ethnic instruments. The quality of sound is quite good and attention was paid to every detail. Highlights include "La Calma," which is the lead-off track and lets you know right away what you are in store for as it fades in with faint gong strikes, followed by a promise filled piano line that eventually moves into a dark place. "La Meurte de Emp'edolces" features many unique ethnic sounds (rainsticks, digerdoos, etc...) and has a curious Tuba arrangement. If you like experimental classical music, you'll enjoy this inventive CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"Crystal Waters" by Neil Dunnachie (Classical Artist from United Kingdom)

"Crystal Waters" by Neil Dunnachie is largely a classical guitar album with a little folk sprinkled on top. Neil's guitar work on the album is superb and the arrangements are beautiful. The quality of production is intentionally raw and puts you right in the room with Neil. It complements his style well as you get to experience a lot of the rhythmic accents in many of the pieces. Highlights are "Autumn Leaves," which gives you the auditory illusion of leaves falling with top-notch fluttery fingerpicking. "Woodpecker's Beat" features a little body tapping and makes you wonder where that third hand came from. "Angels" features vocals and several well layered guitar tracks. If you like Classical or Folk guitar, you will enjoy this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team