Monday, July 19, 2010

"Vocalise" by Brian J. Nelson (Classical Artist from Madison, WI)

Discover the exquisite Classical/Chamber compositions on the superb album, "Vocalise - Instrumental and Vocal Music of Brian J. Nelson." As an inspired composer, Nelson has established reflective spiritual meditations throughout his CD with well produced vocals and instruments. The album starts with the song, "Vocalise for Solo Cello, Op. 1 (feat. Matthew Herren)," as one can sense the tender and heartfelt emotions that ring forth from the poignant cello as it plays a stirring melody. The choral composition, "Three Motets, Op. 7, No. I: Tears (feat. Melanie Melcher Cuthbertson, Amy Waldron, Paula Brekken, Leah Jenkins, Jay Van Blaricum, Jason Parr, Brady Shepherd, Benjamin Winters)," presents angelic voices that sing with divine tonality. The soothing piano caresses the emotive violin on, "Ballade for Violin and Piano, Op. 15 (feat. Ellen Bottorff, Tami Lee Hughes)," as this insightful song absorbs you into a calm and reserving mood. Let the beautiful works on the sweet and delicate album, "Vocalise - Instrumental and Vocal Music of Brian J. Nelson," relax your mind and body while soothing your soul.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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