Sunday, March 2, 2008

“De La Noche” by Carlo Pezzimenti (Classical Artist from Dallas, Texas(TX))

"De La Noche" by the brilliant Carlo Pezzimenti is truly a work of classical art, marked by ingenuity, innovation, and elegance. From start to finish, Carlo's classical guitar arrangements speak to listeners on many different levels, carrying heavy emotional innuendos. The peaceful and quiet beauty of this CD provides a welcome getaway from our fast-paced world. The recording technique of using ultrasensitive mics without additional effects, provides a beautiful crystal clear guitar sound that makes you feel that Carlo is sitting in front of you as he plays these tracks. "Toccata" conveys the free-spirited nature of Carlo's guitar work. Moreover, "Preludio No. 3 Observando Nubes (Watching Clouds)" demonstrates Carlo's ability to make a delightful departure from the confining concepts of traditional musical form. Loaded with 22 soothing tracks, "De La Noche" is a collection of classical guitar work that will provide you a tranquil escape from the distractions of our busy world.
-Xavier P. and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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