Saturday, June 26, 2010

"No Questions, Just Imagine" by Zack Rusk (Classical: Piano Solo Artist from New York City, NY)

The CD, "No Questions Just Imagine," composed and performed by Zach Rusk, is an album of stunning easy listening classical piano instrumentals. Rusk is an incredible pianist as he takes his audience to a place where one can relax to the soothing tranquility of his music. Each of his songs is filled with heartfelt emotions as you will hear throughout this entire album. The thought provoking song, "First Time," is crisp and clean as Rusk plays with a graceful and melodic style. "Your Waterfall" is dreamy and delicate as the melody sweeps you away to a place of sweet serenity. "Always Remember" is a song that has a strong and sincere ambiance and you can feel the emotions pouring out from Rusk as he plays with intense precision. "No Questions Just Imagine," is a delightful album of beautiful piano instrumentals and one you will thoroughly enjoy.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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