Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"L’accordéoniste" by L’accordéoniste (Classical Artist from Ontario, Canada)

"L'Accordéoniste" is the self-titled album from the highly talented ensemble L'Accordéoniste. This album is a collection of riveting and interesting cabaret-inspired music from around the world and consequently the songs are sung in English, Italian, German as well as French. "The Sailor's Tango" is a moving piece about a sailor's life, with poignant drums and operatic vocals. "Chitarrata abruzzese" is a number in which flittering vocals, which at times reach great heights, are sung over enchanting accordion playing. "There's nothing quite like money" is a humorous number which one could easily imagine being sung onstage at a rowdy cabaret. This album is perfect for those who enjoy cabaret music, but if you are unfamiliar with that then think of this album as multi-language musical collection of quasi-operatic, antiquated songs. If this type of tantalizing and international music sounds intriguing to you then you must acquaint yourself with the self-titled album from L'Accordéoniste.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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