Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"New Music for Banjo" by Mark Sylvester (Classical Artist from Maryland(MD))

Mark Sylvester's latest CD is titled "New Music for Banjo." It is an album built around Mark's skillful banjo playing, featuring both a bluegrass and classical sensibility. CD-opener, "Trio #1, movement 1," is a beautifully gentle and warm composition comprised of the banjo, oboe and cello. On "Cascade," however, Mark shows off his finger-picking skills in a solo piece for him and his prized banjo. Then there is "Pulse (in 7)," a complex and introspective piece in which Mark's banjo takes a slight backseat to the fevered interplay of a string quartet. This album is a well-crafted crossroads for contemporary, classical and folksy banjo playing. If you enjoy Bela Fleck, or interesting takes on classical music, then Mark Sylvester's CD, "New Music for Banjo," is an undoubted must-hear.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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