Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Movements in the Moment" by Rhonda Lorence (Classical Artist from North Carolina(NC))

"Movements in the Moment" is the latest release from the gifted viola player Rhonda Lorence. This album was recorded employing the use of numerous vocal and instrumentation combinations that definitely qualify the sound as "Neo-Classical." However, in this album Rhonda skillfully uses the viola as the central pivot point for beautiful musical storytelling and mental picture painting. On the song, "Trail of Tears" we hear the viola placed front and center as it gradually sings a sad song which your ears will follow as if it was a tuneful tale. Then on other tracks such as "Doria" the viola takes a background seat to fluttering and airy female vocals simply singing the name Doria. Another outstanding track, "Shift it" Rhonda gives us a weave of viola picking and vocals over a snazzy yet subtle drum line. "Movements in the Moment" is an eclectic mix of classical basics meshed with modern experimentalism, with a seemingly constant emphasis on expressing emotions and stories through the music. If you are a fan of expressive Neo-Classical music or simply the viola itself then "Movements in the Moment" should be on your list of music to hear.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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