Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Land of Golden Dreams CD" by Elisabeth Waldo (Classical/Instrumental Artist from California(CA))

Elisabeth Waldo and her exquisite album, "Land of Golden Dreams CD" is a diverse collection of world cultures beautifully embellished with instrumental sound textures. Waldo, a talented composer and violinist, has taken her explorations of world cultures and deftly creates a relaxed and well orchestrated production of contemporary classical music. Feel the calm ocean waves gently roll onto the shore as the birds call from high above "On a Mystic Island." Listen as the popping firecrackers light up the music on the processional song "Mr. Chinatown L.A." while the march like drums keep a bold and strong rhythm. The bright and crisp horns of "Vaqueros at the Roundup" decorate the vibrant and melodic melody while the castanets capture energetic beats. Your senses will be awakened by the delightful album "Land of Golden Dreams CD" as it is sure to please listeners who love to hear dreamscape sounds, vocal chants, and the soothing ambiance of unusual and striking instruments.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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