Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"The Full Moons" by Stephen W. Duncan (Classical Artist from Georgia (GA))

Stephen W. Duncan has ingeniously and eloquently mirrored the episodic events of the moon with his expressive and appropriately named album, "The Full Moons." Duncan has created an atmosphere of beautifully orchestrated compositions using various types of instrumentation with tones of classical and New Age finesse. Stunning and powerful, "Snow Moon," casts out a luscious melody highlighted by dazzling dynamics as the strings swell only to gently recede ever so softly. A bright and crisp piano cascades across the keys on "Flower Moon" while the Eastern tonality of various instruments gives way to a charming melody. Upbeat and lively, "Harvest Moon" impresses with country style with the banjo plucking away, while the percussion taps to a steady beat. The motif of Stephen W. Duncan's "The Full Moons" holds thought-provoking melodies with wonderful instrumentation of classical/New Age flair and would be a great addition to anyone who likes to hear and feel the sounds of tranquility.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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