Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Let The Trumpet Sound" by Kenneth Robinson and Dave Wagner (Classical Artist from Michigan(MI))

Kenneth Robinson (Trumpet) and Dave Wagner (Organ) present "Let The Trumpet Sound" featuring Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winning guest performers. This all-star album features guest artists such as Cuban trumpet star, Arturo Sandoval; Principal Trumpet Emeritus of the Chicago Symphony, Adolph Herseth; Principal Trumpet of the Boston Symphony, Charles Schlueter; and more. The CD was recorded in a cathedral, which gives it a more natural and bigger sound. The musicianship on the CD is outstanding, nicely using dynamics to add emotion to the tracks. The structured voice of the trumpet is contrasted by the pipe organ as the instrument producing harmony, form, and texture. As several forms on this album are Sonata's, which is defined as a work for one or more instruments with several movements, the grandeur and magnificence between each instrument is a distinguishable feature. "Sonata a9: Sancti Polycarpi (featuring award winning guests)" is mastery and refinement at its best. The CD also includes an impressive track that is a classical-style tribute to the legendary Maynard Ferguson from alumnists and friends who perform on the CD. "Let The Trumpet Sound" moves the listener's passions with masterpieces performed in a reverberant cathedral setting and is a must have addition to your classical CD collection.

-Diane and The RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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