Friday, January 2, 2009

"World" by Hjortur (Ambient Artist from Denmark)

Sit back and enjoy the relaxing music of "World," the latest release by Hjortur. In an inspiring compilation of blending the music styles of New Age, classical, and soothing mood music, Hjortur has captured the relaxing ambience of these musical forms. The beauty in which this entire album is produced is clearly heard because of the vision Hjortur has expressed through his music. Subtle drum beats and strings give flavor to the New Age piece "Ethnic" yet hints of classical piano add grace. "Arctic" highlights a grand classical piano composition with multi-layered strings and builds up to a dynamic swell of the drums. Listen and feel the sounds of the earth on "Forest" as the birds chirp sweetly in the background and the bongos beat to a simple steady beat. Hjortur's "World" will be enjoyed by those who like dreamy, peaceful, and relaxing music; listeners should definitely pick this one up.

-Diane And the Reviewer Team
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