Thursday, October 9, 2008

“Awakening Life Force: Our Odyssey” by Judith White (Classical Artist from Washington(WA))

"Awakening Life Force: Our Odyssey" is an excellent ambient new age album from Washington performer and composer Judith White. White's music responds to the questions of who we are and why we're here on earth, and this release takes these questions and turns them into a concept album about the evolving phases and aspects of life. Through beautiful, skillful, and calming piano-led new age arrangements, White crafts stunning instrumentals that befit each song title. "Take Your Power Back," for example, has a great authoritative stomping beat throughout, creating a sound that says you're on the march, and with direction. "Awakening Life Force" is well-produced, and the ambience, piano, and other instrumental work all sound clean and precise. "Delight" has a beautiful progression that uses the entire piano to tell a calming story of contentedness. "Tension" is a great piano composition that features a continuity of the aggressive beat in "Take Your Power Back," but this time on the high end of the piano, and haunting ambience. With "Awakening Life Force: Our Odyssey," Judith White has crafted a magnificent album with beautiful piano work and an interesting concept. Fans of ambient new age and excellent pianists are going to want to pick this one up.
-Chris & the Reviewer Team
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