Friday, August 1, 2008

"Songs Without Words" by Jeff Calcara (Classical/Spiritual artist from California (CA))

"Songs Without Words" is a soothing collection of instrumental classical/folk guitar compositions from Jeff Calcara. Calcara's musicianship is similar to that of folk guitarist Leo Kottke, though Calcara leans more toward the classical end than folk. Each song is lulling, original and carefully crafted; conveying a soothing, powerful and emotional message solely created from the picking and strumming of an acoustic guitar. "Songs Without Words" is also well-produced, with each note hitting the listeners ears crisply and cleanly. "Song of the Sea" is a befitting title as the song carries you away and hits you in waves of guitar perfection. The trio of tracks, "Lullaby #1," "Lullaby #2," and "Lullaby #3" make you want to just close your eyes and listen, putting you in such a state of relaxation that you may find it hard to avoid a complete state of subconsciousness. Collectively, "Songs Without Words" is an incredible album that shows the raw and lasting talent of guitarist Jeff Calcara. Guitar aficionados and anyone who simply enjoys a lulling classical/folk guitar sound should definitely pick this one up.
-Chris & the Reviewer Team
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